Find Traveling Environment Solutions from BluePlanet SA

The treatment of polluted lakes, lagoons and rivers is a subject that needs to be carefully considered, and it is important to use products that have a lasting, harmless effect, and that actually improve the ecological conditions of the waterway involved. BluePlanet SA is a leading name in the supply of carefully developed biodigesters in South Africa that are safe and proven, and they use bacterial solutions rather than potentially dangerous chemicals.

The product they offer, AquaClean, is biodegradable and completely non-toxic, and has been used to repair waterways polluted with organic waste to great effect. It offers a cost-effective method of improving water quality in many areas, and is an affordable, tried and tested product that will result in clean water that is chemical-free. For more information on the full range of BluePlanet SA products, suitable for agriculture and industry also, take a look at the website, or get in touch and they will do all they can to help.

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